Track your Amazon Listing’s External Traffic

Ever heard of Amazon Attribution? It’s a free advertising tool brought to you by Amazon. Any brand registered Amazon seller is free to use it to measure how well their external advertising is performing. And the good news is, it is now available in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and UK. More info here

Amazon Attribution offers sellers a comprehensive view of the performance of their advertisements running on other media. When you subscribe, you’ll receive full analytics of all your advertising efforts.

Use it to measure the effect of the adverts and your return on advertising investment in search, social and video media, display and email marketing. The information will give you helpful insights into the actions of your customers, allowing you to understand how they research, discover and buy your product on Amazon.

How does Amazon Attribution Work?

If you’re a user of Sponsored Ads or Sponsored Brands, you know the importance of regularly inspecting your ad campaigns to ensure that they are working as they should and that they’re earning a decent return.

You probably depend upon the information that you get from Amazon to make important decisions on your budget, your bids and your keywords. If you are present on other media, Amazon offers you just a partial view of your marketing efforts, since you can’t see the metrics on the other media.

Unless you have the performance data for the advertising campaigns that you run on other platforms such as Facebook or Google Ads, you have no idea of how well your campaigns are performing. It could well be that you’re spending money on underperforming channels.

This is no longer necessary. With Amazon Attribution you can:

Boost Your Return on Advertising Investment

Use the information from Amazon Attribution to fully understand your campaign efficiency. Only when you can see the full picture, is it possible to make informed decisions on what external ad campaigns are working and which should be shut down. 

Using this Amazon tool will help you to identify where you should invest your money for the best return on advertising expenditure. The savings you make when you shut down under performing campaigns can be used to boost other more effective advertising. 

Measure Performance

Before Attribution became available sellers advertising on Amazon and on other channels were able to correctly allocate the sales made on advertising through PPC sponsored ads on Amazon. The origin of any other sales would remain a complete mystery.

Amazon Attribution overcomes that mystery, allowing you to correctly attribute all sales to the correct channels. It also shows the online paths that your customers took before buying your product. This helps advertisers to understand which of the advertising channels work best when it comes to traffic and conversions.

Learning from the Present

Amazon Attribution offers you all the tools you need to understand the path that your customer takes to conversion. Impressions, CTR, page views, number of purchases, add to cart and the total sales.

You can download all of the reports on Amazon Attribution to study the information and allow for fully optimized ads across all external sources.

Use this useful information to understand the images and messages which elicit the best response from your customers. You can apply this knowledge to future campaigns and improve your marketing strategy.

Should You Drive External Traffic to Your Amazon Listings?

You may wonder how you benefit from using external advertising channels to drive traffic to your Amazon listings. One of the big benefits of advertising on other media is that the buyers come directly from your ad to your Amazon listing. This means that you’re not competing against all the other sellers on Amazon. In other words, you are not fully reliant on sponsored ads in the Amazon search results.

As more sellers list on Amazon, it becomes more and more competitive and with it the costs of sponsored ads rise.  As a result, businesses are considering alternative routes to bring traffic to their storefronts.

Using external funnels allows you find customers in places other than Amazon rather than depending on the customers to find you on their own. Once you have fully optimized your listings and they are converting well, it really is time to advertise in other media.

Besides improving your sales, there are other benefits to advertising on media outside Amazon. These include

  • Boosting your keyword ranking – If the additional traffic that you bring to Amazon is converting to sales, Amazon will reward you with an improved organic keyword ranking.
  • Enhancing your BSR (Best Seller Rank) – Amazon uses the A9 algorithm to rank products in the search results. The key driver of this ranking is the product sales rate. This means that the more you sell, the higher you rank. Once, you have a good conversion rate on Amazon, the best way to increase the traffic to your listing is through advertising in other media. More traffic means more sales so this will help your ranking.   

Find out more about your customers

Amazon Attribution is a powerful marketing tool that can help you find out more about your customers. Around half of the Amazon customers start their search on Amazon. Amazon Attribution can help you to find out useful information about how the other half shops.  

Give it a try

There’s no need for guesswork anymore. Find out exactly what your customers want and how to get them buying by signing up with Amazon Attribution. The conversion metrics will allow you to optimize your advertising expenditure and help you to grow your sales. Brand registered sellers from the European and North American Amazon markets can use the service absolutely free.  What are you waiting for? Sign up today.

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