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In order to achieve the goal of becoming the most “customer-centric” company in the world, Amazon has decided to reserve exclusive tools for brand owners. In fact, it believes that brand owners have a better understanding of their customers, their products and hence can provide a better customer experience, ultimately in line with Amazon’s credo.

Amazon Brand Registry

One of the brands owners’ exclusive tools is the Amazon Brand Registry. Launched in 2017, it allows, free of charge, to register a brand on Amazon providing various services, mainly for brand protection.

Through Amazon Brand Registry, brands have the exclusive control over the texts, photos and in general on all the product sheets contents. Furthermore, Amazon, through the information shared by brands owners, can more effectively protect brand with automated systems that leverage on data and machine learning. On the other hand, brands owners can more quickly identify, and report suspected infringements.


X-PORT supports brands owners to register their brand in the Amazon Brand Registry and to use the exclusive services once registration is complete.

The registration starts by sending the trademark legal registration documentation to a specific section of Amazon.

After that Amazon will send a verification code to the company email with which the registration of the trademark has been made, and in this way the correlation between the owner of the brand and the company will be ascertain.

Once this step has been carried out, the brand owner will be able to use the exclusive brand protection services.

Brand protection

Through the Amazon Brand Registry, brands have unique services to protect their brand’s intellectual property, to identify and report infringements, and to share information that can prevent them.

How to protect your brand on Amazon?

  1. Report Infringement. The Report Infringement service is available on Amazon to search for, and report offers that may infringe your copyright or trademark rights.
  2. Proactive Brand Protection. Amazon’s automatic protection uses your brand information to proactively remove suspicious violations or inaccurate content. The more information you provide, the more the Brand Registry can help you protect and improve your brand experience.
  3. Accurate offers. Check your brand’s product offerings so that your customers always see accurate information.

The different roles on Amazon

By registering your brand in Amazon Brand Registry, you will have the role of rights holder and administrator. You will be able to add users and assign roles to help you manage the brand.

Depending on your role, you can access at different tools within the Brand Registry.

  1. Holder of the rights is the owner of the brand or an employee authorized to report infringements. Users with this role have access to the tool “Report a Violation”;
  2. Registered agent is a third party authorized by the owner of the rights to report violations using the tools of the Brand Registry;
  3. Administrator is a person who has the permission to assign roles to user accounts. The person who submits the brand registration request automatically becomes the administrator.

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Email: matteo@x-port.it

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