5 Reasons Why Brands Should Use Amazon Live

One of the most common questions I get asked is: ‘How can I build brand loyalty on Amazon?’. To most sellers it’s the difference between a healthy profit margin and an unhealthy one. At MagnetAMS we love leveraging tools that help our clients improve product discovery so this really underutilised feature is one that we have been really excited to test and learn more about.

It’s called Amazon Live and if you are looking to improve your reach and increase your brand awareness then you should definitely keep reading and consider leveraging this while it’s still new and more importantly free!

What we will cover:

  • What is Amazon Live?
  • Why you should use Amazon Live
  • How to access it
  • Where it appears
  • How to optimise the feature

What is Amazon Live?

Amazon live is Amazon’s answer to video-led shopping. Amazon Live is a live streaming service that allows sellers to publish video content by hosting their own live streams. China is a good example of where this strategy has thrived, 9% of its e-commerce revenue in 2019 came from live stream shopping, the Chinese market has fully embraced visual shopping experiences and it has become a staple for online shoppers. It’s no wonder Amazon has been trying to engage influencers and marketers in the US to adopt this new feature.

Why you should use Amazon Live

  • Build an audience: shoppers can follow you and receive notifications about your brand and your products.
  • Drives purchases: shoppers can easily purchase products featured in the videos and can ask questions via chat during the live stream.
  • Brand awareness: live streams can help expand your reach and it can be a good tool to promote your brand and start to create the path for future customer acquisition.

How to access Amazon live?

You can get started live streaming using the Amazon Live Creator app. The Amazon Live Creator app helps you create, capture and manage livestreams. Currently, the app is only available on iOS, so you’ll need to own an Apple device.

How to use Amazon Live?

Amazon Live is currently only available to Brand Registered sellers and vendors in the US marketplace. Only US buyers can view and stream on Amazon Live.

Where does it appear?

According to Amazon when you go live as a brand, your stream is eligible to appear automatically on your brand’s product detail pages and on the Amazon Live home page. The livestream can also be configured to display on your Amazon Store.

Is Amazon Live free?

Creating live stream content is completely free to use (it is free for now so it is definitely worth taking advantage of) and Amazon provides an option to boost your live stream by paying to “extend the reach” of your streams. At Magnet AMS we also encourage clients to share with their audience and email list or social media followers (this can be a great tool for brands trying to launch a new product on Amazon).

How can I optimise this feature?

There are a few ways that you really get the most out of Amazon Live, like any social media tool it’s about feeding the engagement and making sure you are always visible. Here are some tips based on our own experience at Magnet AMS:

  1. Stream for 30 minutes and longer
  2. Encourage engagement during the stream
  3. Repeatedly use calls to actions
  4. Engage with your shoppers live (react, comment, etc.)
  5. Demo your products (lifestyle visuals are key here)
  6. Share your live stream off Amazon
  7. Invest in high quality equipment so you can produce high quality visuals.
  8. Livestream to promote and push special deals

At MagnetAMS we make it a priority to stay on top of new and underutilized features because more traffic means more sales. If you are looking for a partner to help you take your sales and revenue to the next level, book a free consultation here.

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